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Our end-to-end heavy goods home delivery service helps retailers and manufacturers streamline and optimize their operations. We do the heavy lifting so you can provide best-in-class home delivery experience for your customers.

As their final point of contact, we understand and appreciate the value of the delivery experience and what it requires. All of our services aim to provide customers with more delivery options and a superior brand experience.

End-to-End solutions
driven by the customer's experience
Our leadership position is reinforced
by our high performance standards.
Customer Satisfaction
On-time Delivery
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Our flexible scheduling options enable you to personalize your home delivery experience according to your strategies and brand objectives, ensuring that your online and in-store experiences are consistent and cohesive.

  • Short delivery window options (3 hours and next day)
  • Fast scheduling
  • Customizable interface for seamless scheduling process and check out

Warehouse Management

Our team has the know-how and operational intelligence to optimize and take charge of your warehouse activities​.​ We provid​e​ you with ​effective solutions ​that integrate with your​ existing​ warehouse management software to deliver real​-​time ​transparency throughout your supply chain.

  • Inventory Management
  • Inspection and Deluxing
  • Marshalling / Project Management
  • Client Pick-up
  • Returns Management
  • API/EDI Integration
  • Secured Warehouse/Safe Mindset

Fleet Management

As part of our commitment to simplify your operations, we help retailers and manufacturers streamline and optimize their fleet management processes by providing made-to-measure solutions.

  • Private Fleet Management Outsourcing
  • Final Mile and Line Haul
  • Coast to Coast Network of +280 Delivery Partners
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Tracking & Notifications

Our transport management system helps us track and trace all of our deliveries. It also provides detailed information about each delivery, enabling us to provide a complete customer service solution, in addition to making deliveries as simple and seamless as possible for both the client and their customers.

  • Automatic phone, SMS, and/or email notifications
  • Notification options: 48 hours, 24 hours, 1 hour…
  • Real-time delivery change alerts
  • Rescheduling options
  • Real-time client and consumer portals
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Delivery & Feedback

As proud ambassadors of your brand, we strive to enhance your customers’ overall satisfaction. We conduct real-time monitoring and daily in-depth analyses to ensure that we are exceeding your clients’ expectations.

We know that our actions reflect on your brand. That’s why our hand-picked delivery teams receive specialized training, including how to treat every interaction as an opportunity to strengthen your clients’ brand experience.

  • Reliable, efficient, and professional delivery
  • Property protection and merchandise inspection
  • Certified installation services
  • Appliance removal and recycling
  • Monitoring of team performance
  • Customer survey and KPI analysis
If Customers at Home have an AMAZING DELIVERY EXPERIENCE, the rest will take care of itself.
What our customers think about our home delivery experience
Likely to recommend 92%
Courteous/Professional 96%
On-time delivery 95%
Respect house/product 98%
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